Antonio's Pizza

Antonio's Pizza
New Kent (804) 966-1486

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New Kent
6215 - A Chesapeake Circle
New Kent VA 23124
Tel: (804) 966-1486
Mon-Thu 11am - 10pm
Fri & Sat 11am - 11pm
Sun 11am -10pm

Salads, Appetizers, and Desserts

Select the item you require, check dressing, and click order. You will be able to enter additional comments when completing your order.
Salads Tossed Salad SMALL $4.50  
Salads Tossed Salad LARGE $5.50  
Salads Greek Salad SMALL $5.75  
Salads Greek Salad LARGE $6.75  
Salads Chef Salad SMALL $5.75  
Salads Chef Salad LARGE $6.75  
Salads Tuna Salad SMALL $5.75  
Salads Tuna Salad LARGE $6.75  
Salads Grilled Chicken Salad SMALL $5.75  
Salads Grilled Chicken Salad LARGE $6.75  
Salads Grilled Shrimp Salad LARGE $8.25  
Salads Grilled Steak Salad LARGE $8.25  
Salads Antipasto Salad lettuce, ham, cheese, salami, onions, tomatoes, giardeniera, black olives LARGE $8.25  
Appetizers Pizza Breadsticks with Cheese $5.99  
Appetizers Pizza Breadsticks with one topping $6.99  
Appetizers Pizza Breadsticks additional toppings $option  
Appetizers Calamari $8.25  
Appetizers Breaded Rockfish in a basket & fries $8.25  
Appetizers Jalapeno Peppers $6.95  
Appetizers Fried Pickles $6.95  
Appetizers Onion Rings $3.50  
Appetizers French Fries $2.99  
Appetizers Loaded French Fries with cheese, bacon, onion, & jalapenos $7.25  
Appetizers Wings HOT (12) $8.25  
Appetizers Wings Mild (12) $8.25  
Appetizers Chicken Strips & Fries $7.50  
Appetizers Shrimp Basket & Fries $7.50  
Appetizers Mozzarella Sticks (6) $6.25  
Dessert Tiramisu $4.50  
Dessert Cannoli $4.00  
Dessert Cheesecake $4.00